Shine a light on your passion, your process, your story…
We create online films.
Here’s why people come to us:
Tell your story

People may not remember all of the details, but they will remember how you made them feel. Our films tell emotive stories, which highlight the passion, craft and care that goes into our clients’ work.


Whether it’s an event, a performance, a one-off project or a typical day-in-the-life, our films will help you to capture these moments and hold onto them for longer.


Connect with your clients and customers, to show them what you’ve been up to, and reach out to new audiences, to show them what you’re all about.


American Football Development: The Coaches

In Section1
Breathe 20

Breathe Hackathon: Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

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Anima e Cuore0 copy

Anima e Cuore (Soul & Heart)

In Section1
Cooking with Kids Thumbnail0 copy

The Kitchen Coach: Cooking with Kids

In Section1
MB Thumb 60

MetaboLight: Engineering Light to Monitor Metabolism

In Section1

Shakespeare Schools Festival: Jenner Park Primary School

In Section1

Shakespeare Schools Festival: Parayhouse School

In Section2

Shakespeare Schools Festival: Voyager Academy

In Section2
CICThumb0 copy

Children in Crisis: Mugilanesa’s story

In Section2
DinkyThumbnail0 copy 2

Lloyds Business Heroes: Dinky Dragons

In Section2
Claire Calmajane Headshot Thumbnail0

SWIFT Innotribe: Innovation Essentials

In Section2
RCA Thumbnail0 copy

Art and Philosophy at the Royal College of Art

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We have their trust.
Ben Garfield
Company Director.
“What matters most to me is that we show the same level of care for our clients’ work as they do. It’s about engaging with each client’s specific needs and building the right team of people for that project.”


Ben’s award-winning filmmaking has received recognition from the likes of BAFTA, Sundance, Virgin Media Shorts, The BFI, GREAT Britain, The Barbican, Time Out and more.

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